Monday, June 27, 2011


I posted a comment on my facebook the other day that got many people up in arms. Maybe I over-reaceted a little but I don't think so. My post was in reaction to the hollow apology the NBC made over their commercial at the beginning of the US Open. The commercial was a montage of the Pledge of Allegiance. During the montage they included the entire pledge but omitted "Under God" and "Indivisable".

Now I am far from being a bible thumper or religious fanatic. But I refuse to believe that the incident was accidental and I refuse to believe that their apology was sincere.

You know when I was growing up every classroom in school had an American flag and every morning the school day started out with the Pledge of Allegience. We started our sporting events with the Pledge of Allegience and the National anthem was played loud and proud. We saluted our flag and said prayers in school. We celebrated Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We played dodgeball and tackle football, had snowball fights, wrestled in the snow and had the occassional fist fight after school. If you had a dispute in school, the P.E. teacher gave you the opportunity to settle things in the ring with gloves. A buck knife was as much of an accessory for boys as make-up and hairspray was for the girls. Not only could you carry it, but it was often used in school for cutting wires in auto mechanics, carving in wood class and used to cut the grey blob that the cooks tried to pass off as meatloaf.

I grew up in a small country town and it wasn't unusual to see a .22, a shotgun or a deer rifle in the back window of the pickup trucks in the parking lot. Now I realize that times have changed. Back then the occassional scuffle after school never involved weapons. The knives on our belts and the rifles in the window were never thought of as a self defense mechanism and I realize that violence in schools has become a major problem. Before people start getting up in arms, I don't have an issue with the schools banning the carrying of knives or weapons in school. Again, times have changed and I think that weapons pose a serious threat.

My rant isn't about weapons in school. It is however about the fact that our society is being controlled more and more by the minority rule. America has gotten away from the core values that made America great. Most of the items listed above have been thrown to the wayside and banned from our schols. It doesn't matter that a majority of people are for it,  it has been banned because a minority of people find these things offensive. Majority vote or opinion is no longer the rule.

Why is it that more and more decisions today are based on the few people that oppose something versus the many people who approve of it. Our lawmakers, business owners, courts, etc. ban, restrict or censor things because a few people are opposed and might find it offensive. Yeah, elections are still determined by majority vote and peoples fates are determined by a juries majority votes in court cases. But our society, our country, has started to be ruled more by minority rules then majority.

I am a big man. Only 1/4 of 1% of the population is as big as I am. Trying to find clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, basically anything that fits me is difficult. Hell it's a dowright quest. Indiana Jones has nothing on me. The Holy Grail? Thats nothing. Try finding a pair of jeans with a 41 inch inseam and a 54 inch waist. The 54 part is not a problem but the jeans manufacturers think that the bigger your waist is the shorter your legs. Where the hell do they get that? How many 500lb midgets do you see running around.? 

How about a size 17EEEE shoe? I love the new Reeboks that are out. According to the stores, the largest that they made was a 13. So I called Reebok. They make them in sizes into the 20's for the professional athletes, so why can't I get a pair? Reasonable question right? But no, I am a lowly common person. They don't make the shoes for the general public. Only athletes can get them. But do I sue the clothing manufactures? No. I find what I can and go from there.

Our country has become so concerned with offending a certain class, religion, ethnicity or group of people that common sense has been thrown out the window. And along with that is our principles and our values that has made the U.S. the greatest country in the world.

The ACLU is one of the biggest threats that we have now. It seems that they have decided that it is their personal mission to take a stand against everything that made the United States the United States.

You come over to our country illegally, demand rights, enroll your kids in school who can't or won't speak english? Heaven forbid we make them learn to speak english and put it back on them. Make the parents pay for english classes so that the teachers can teach them without having to take time away from the other students. Sound logical right?  But no. We will inconvenience EVERYONE else, spend billions of dollars on interpreters, and because the budget is blown by trying to accomodate all of these people, we will just cut programs, teachers jobs, and security. Lets make it so much harder for everyone else just to accomodate these bastards.

I'm tired of the United States taking a mamby pamby stance towards illegal immigratrion. After 9/11 it was learned that some of the pilots used for the attacks on 9/11 were known terrorist and were on a watch list. But they came up through Mexico and basically just walked across the border. I think that we should put up signs that warn of barbed wire, land mines, attack dogs, gun turrents, border patrol agents etc. Secure the border. The Unites States should accept no responsability if someone wants to take the chance and cross the border and gets killed. You were warned. Too bad. Oh but then the bleeding hearts will bitch that if an illegal alien gets killed trying to cross the border illegally that we've violated their rights. What rights? Your not a citizen. We owe you nothing except a bill for cleanup. It is time for us to start taking our border issues seriously. Drugs flow into this country easier than shit through a goose on Ex-Lax. The safety and security of our country is in danger because the southern border has been nothing more than a line in the sand.

Instead of taking steps to deport illegal aliens and secure our border, the United States spends over $350 billion dollars a year on services for illegal aliens or their dependents. Social services, schools, translators, court fees, deportation services, etc. And what happens if by chance one of them gets deported? They're back in 3 weeks.

I'm not against immigrants coming into the United States and gaining citizenship. But if you want to be here, do it legally. If you can't do that and choose to come over illegally, then suffer the consequences.

It pisses me off that we are being overrun and no-one seems to care. Out country is in a financial crisis and yet instead of helping our own citizens, our homeless, our starving children, the United States is taking money that we don't have and shipping it off to other courties because they had a natural disaster. I feel for them, but really, there comes a time when enough is enough.

What about the services that are being taken away from natural born citizens? Why should medicare, unemployment, medicaid, social security, disability, and other services that citizens of the United States have earned and deserve be supplied to non-residents? Kind of like stray dogs. If you don't feed them they won't come around.

You come from a country that we are at war with? A country that is known for terrorist activity? A country that is responsable for the largest terroristic attack against the United States since Pearl Harbor? Heaven forbid we look at the natural suspects and single them out when you try to board a plane. So, instead of offending the natural suspects, we strip search little old ladies and look down the diapers of babies. Because we all know thats it was little old ladies that hijacked the planes that crashed into the world trade centers and it was bomb ridden baby diapers that were used to bomb the USS Cole. Now I'll admit, I have changed some diapers that could be considered lethal weapons but still.

If I am a screener at the airport and I see someone who fits into the profile of a terrorist or someone who is from a country that is known for terrorist activity, then they need to be looked at harder then a person who is U.S. citizen thats on a business trip. Police officers patrolling neighborhoods that are known for prostitution, drug dealing and gangs tend to look for the sign's, the usual suspects or a particular behavior. To stop someone that is a likely suspect is good police work. In the same aspect, police officers stopping someone suspicious while patrolling a neighborhhod that is NOT known for prostitution, drug dealing and gangs is not racial profiling either. If there is a certain race or nationality that is common for that activity then you look for that element when investigating.

We are getting the freedom of religion aspect of our Constitution used against us. Do I think it should be ommited? Of course not. But when terrorist use this freedom to build mosques in the United States as training grounds for more terrorist then it's time to look at what our founding fathers were trying to accomplish with this right. They want to build mosque over here then let us build churches over there.

A second year college student from France goes out one night and gets drunk. It is raining and cold outside and at about 3am and extremely intoxicated, he goes home. He is so drunk that he goes to the wrong apartment, his was 2 doors away. He was so drunk that he couldn't get his key to fit so he starts beating on the door trying to break in. The homeowner and his family get woken up, and call the police. The police get there and find this guy on the doorstep shadowed by a small overhang. He is beating on the door, yelling and screaming. The police tell him to come out to them, and to take his hands out of his pockets.  He's yelling incohenerently at the police and refuses numerous demands to take his hands out of his pockets. He pulls something out of his pocket and points it at the police, who, fearing it was a gun, shoot and kill him. It turned out to be a cell phone. Heres the kicker. Even though he had been here for 2 years, he still hasn't taken the time to learn the language. Had dropped out of the language course in college. His family sued the Miami Dade Sherriffs Dept. and won. Thats bullshit.

Several muslim women sue the state of California because they are denied a drivers licenses because they refuse to show their face for the picture because it's against their religion. Luckily they lost. Athiest sue and say that we can't say the Pledge of Allegiance or pray in school or public because since they don't believe in God thats it's offensive to them.

I think most people will agree that the United States was just fine the way it was. If you come here and you don't like our laws, our rules, the way we operate then get the hell out of here and go home. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


  1. Although I am a bleeding heart liberal, Roy, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I am not Christian, but the pledge of allegience is to me, a national standard. I love that our country is a melting pot, but I agree, it is safer for both sides to be legal. I have many Muslim friends, but I am subjected to body scans, bag searches, etc., and do not complain. As for the driver's licenses, I got nothing. Most of the Muslim women I know do not drive. I think that the police need to be held accountable, and do not see any improvement in the drug or human trafficking situation, although I would like to see marijuana decriminalized bacause it is a waste of time, and we have plenty of ability to grow it here without the threat of gang violence. Values are not always religious, they're just values.