Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's time to......GNARFEL THE GARFUNK

So here it is. The day that everyone has been waiting for and arguing about. We are given two, very unimpressive candidates to chose from. Quite frankly? They both scare me. We aren't EVER given the best candidates to chose from. Really, we're not. We are not given the best choices to vote for and who we depend on to run our country. We are asked to chose between the candidates that the parties select for us. People may say that we vote the candidate into the race but if the party wants a specific candidate, then that's who's going to be nominated. The parties will make sure that the person they want has all the money that is needed to last the race. They make big promises to big business: Oil, gas, electric, retail, real estate and commodities. And in exchange for large donations to the party. promises are made. "You help us get him into office and we'll help you get what you want". That's what a party means when they start grooming someone to be president. They are taught whose ass to kiss to get the most money and what to offer in return.

In the beginning the public is lead to believe that we have several candidates to choose from. We always start out with several people with ambitions to become president but most of their motives and desires are fueled by their own greed, ambitions and secret agendas. But there is always that one candidate in the mix that is there because he has already been pre-selected by the party to be the "ONE". They have already determined that he will be the party candidate. They just have to make sure the public believes that he was elected by them. It's like a magician and a card game. You're shown a card, it's put back in the pack. They magician already knows what the card is so he narrows the pack, always leaving your card in the stack. Eventually, he will narrow that pack down to YOUR card and you walk away amazed that out of an entire deck of cards, he was able to find yours. When a candidates ambitions align with the parties, a candidate is born. There's always enough money to feed the greed and when the ambitions are the same, the morality of the secret agendas are thrown out the window. If someone is willing to play ball, whose moral convictions always has a price on them and who looks good doing it, then ladies and gentlemen, we have a presidential candidate. The other candidates who just can't afford to continue, who can't afford to keep their secrets hidden and are afraid to have the deep dark secrets in their closets exposed, will drop out and fade away. In the end, we wind with the people who could financially afford to stay in the game the longest. Who had the most money and could afford constant trips across the country. In the end; We are stuck up with the candidate that they wanted. The last card in the deck.

Then in the final election we end up being faced with not voting for the best candidate, but voting for the lesser of two evils. It's like being asked to vote for a female ambassador to the U.S. and having to chose between Sonia on Operation Repo or Honey Boo Boo's mom.Watching people fight and argue over these two men is insane. Vote republican...Vote democrat. My candidate is better because of this.....Yours sucks because....In the end, they are both the same. They are both puppets to the same people. The only difference is the way they steal from us. One is a sly pick pocket, sneaking in and snatching your billfold while standing right next to you. The other is a bump and run specialist, who ignores the subtlety. He brazenly distracts you, takes what he wants  and walks away with your cash. It doesn't matter how they do it. We all get robbed in the end.

I have long believed that the first day our new president takes office is very special day. He's taken in, shown around the white house and made privy to things that only a handful of other people are allowed to know. Secrets that the public should never know; The alliance that the government has the drug cartels, the secrets behind Area 51, the truth about aliens, Fort Knox and nuclear weapons. He's formally introduced to all the staff, enlightened as to which interns are willing to help him sleep at night and where all of the hidden passage ways are.

Then, as the day wears on, after he has had a gourmet dinner, desserts of his choice and nice cigar, he is given the drink of his choice and is taken to the White House theater. There he is offered the best seat in the house and shown, from every angle, all the seen and unseen footage ever taken of the assassination of president Kennedy. He is shown all of the things that the public will never see, what actually led up to the assassination and who was truly responsible. After it is all said and done, he sets there staring at the screen with the same look in his eyes that a young child is told that there is no Santa Clause gets. The same look of terror that a young child gets after being told that mommy and daddy won't be coming home. EVER. As he's escorted out of the theater he is told; "Do you get the picture"?

For the first time in his entire career he goes to bed finally realizing that he has sold his soul. He sleeps restlessly, dreaming of contracts drawn up by the devil with his signature boldly written in his blood at the bottom.

The right to vote is guaranteed in the constitution and the government follows through with that. But just because you are guaranteed the right to vote, doesn't mean that your guaranteed a fair vote or that your vote even counts. Studies have showed that more and more people doubt the validity of our electoral process. They may vote, but it's really without any conviction and belief that they are doing any good. And with good reason. It is up to the electoral college to determine the presidency and if the electoral college doesn't agree with the popular vote, they can override the public and elect the president with the most electoral votes. Thereby basically telling the people that you can vote, but we still decide who we want. And I do not believe that anyone in the electoral college is above being bought. Since it's up to the state committee's to choose their members for the electoral college, they are going to chose members who will play ball to get the president they want.  


According to Alexander Hamilton and the other founders believed that the electors would be able to insure that only a qualified person becomes President. They believed that with the Electoral College no one would be able to manipulate the citizenry. It would act as check on an electorate that might be duped. Hamilton and the other founders did not trust the population to make the right choice. The founders also believed that the Electoral College had the advantage of being a group that met only once and thus could not be manipulated over time by foreign governments or others.

We all know that presidential elections are all dog and pony shows. Slight of hand on a grander scale. It is all a chess game and the candidates will all be put in a winning or losing scenario based upon how the government wants the game played, not us. It's not about today, tomorrow or even next year. It's based upon what they want to happen in 2, 3, 5 maybe even 10 years from now. The presidents are in office until their usefulness is gone and then they are retired. They don't lose elections, they are replaced; Given a nice golden parachute as an incentive to keep all the secrets they have learned close to the chest and with the reminder of what they were shown on their very first day.

Happy Election Day everyone.

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